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At QD Analysis limited, we design and conduct qualitative in-depth research with the aim to provide vital information for local authorities, government, non-governmental organisations, charities and others.

Our research activities seek to study social or work behaviour and to explain how organisations work. And how these behaviours are influenced by organisations themselves. Investigating a range of phenomena, from the causes of unemployment or what helps to improve organisational productivity, to how and why people communicate, or what develops people's motivation.

We conduct research, following a systematic plan, and adhering to a strict ethical research framework and through adopting appropriate social research instruments and techniques. Our rigorous research approach is informed by our experience in research conducted following academic research guidelines, which we seek to adhere to in approaching our clients’ research projects.

We employ a range of methods to analyse social phenomena ranging from in-depth analysis of individual social experiences, to observation of a certain phenomenon with a certain context; to the investigation of historical data. Each research design and methods are chosen as guided by the initial research questions and desired outcome, which are carefully crafted at the starting point.

At any phase during your research, we are able to assist you through conducting the research on your behalf, conduct a specific phase, or supporting your organisation and researchers. If you would like to discuss potential research projects with no obligation, please do not hesitate to contact the Managing Director, Dr. May Ennsra.