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Enprove North East has grown to include an incredible range of top-quality home improvement products. Because we cater for almost every aspect of home improvement, we understand our customers' needs inside out.

From our huge selection of warm, secure and attractive windows and doors to stunning sunrooms or conservatories, one of our most popular products is our garage conversion giving you that extra room needed on your property.

At Enprove North East we bring our precision engineering and dedication to fitting the best to everything we produce.


Why choose an Enprove North East garage conversion?
From planning applications and designing your garage conversion to manufacture and installation - we manage the whole process from start to finish.
It could just become that wonderful new room you've been looking for!

It's remarkable what people use their garages for. Garages quickly become storage areas for half-empty pots of paint, lawnmowers, bikes and flat tyres. The potential of this dead space is often just being ignored and that can be a huge mistake - especially when you consider that extra living space comes at a premium!

Imagine tapping into that potential space and adding value to your property by extending your living area with a new office or bedroom. Whatever your requirements, Enprove North East can help you find the right solution for your home and your family


Our range of Roofline products will give you perfect protection from the elements. And since our Roofline products are made with UPVC, you’ll never need to repaint or repair.

GRP Roofing

GRP Stands for ‘Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics’, also referred to as ‘Fibreglass’, ‘Composite Plastics’, and in the USA, ‘FRP’. It is an amazingly versatile material, and one that i s little understood in industry, but which has truly immense potential across a wide spectrum of applications.

Its vast range of properties can be confusing to the uninitiated. It is a ‘Plastic’ but it displays few of the disadvantages of conventional ‘thermoplastics’ in everyday use.

For instance, it will not melt, but will burn in a similar way to wood, but can be easily and cheaply made fire retardant. It is very strong - seven times the flexural strength of steel – yet very lightweight with the tremendous energy absorption properties which have made it a common material for racing cars, boats, baths & even aero planes.

However, GRP is a moulded product which requires some sort of former or tool from which it is moulded in to or on to. In it simplest and most common form, know as ‘hand-lay’.

A typical roof would be constructed as follows :

Remove Existing Felt/Chippings & Deck. Expose Existing Roof Joists.
Ensure Poor Water Drainage is improved usually with timber firings.
Re deck roof area with 18mm External Grade Ply.
Specially made pre moulded edging trims, flashing trims, fillets trims are fixed.
Matting is cut to size and impregnated with special resin on to deck to form a seamless membrane.
Once curing time has elapsed a pigmented top coat resin is applied to the whole roof.
Where roof meets wall a lead flashing or grp flasing is installed.
Where roof meets roof tiles GRP roof will be extended under the tile roof.
Waste is removed from site.

A 20 year guarantee is issued.

This system is a new generation of Flat Roofing and the answer to leaking felt roofs. This system is a permanent guaranteed solution to all flat roofing problems. The unique seamless system totally eliminates all the problems and short life span of traditional felt & bitumen materials. This system is Long Lasting, Attractive, Cost Effective, Maintenance Free & Durable and can be Cold Applied (hence no blow torches or live flames).

This roof is a specially developed resin system that accommodates everyday structural expansion and contraction. This system offers long term peace of mind and real value for money. This system is extensively used by local authorities, architects, and major companies throughout the country.

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