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 Website Design Costs

To have a website up and running there are three separate things you need:

1. A domain name.
Something like ""
or "".

The cost of a domain is just over £7 for two years if you register with a company called 1and1 (follow this link and click on the 'Domains' tab). Other companies charge a similar amount - some others charge a lot more!

2. A site design.
The actual content of the website.

At deliberateDESIGN we will design your website for just £100 for a typical site of about 5 or 6 pages, from your supplied content, adding graphical elements if required. And remember the cost is only £36 for a 1 or 2 page website.

3. Hosting.

The host is where your website files are stored on a server that is connected to the internet at all times, making your website available.

    For most of my clients I can offer to host the site on a shared hosting package. The cost is just £35 per year or £15 per year for a 1 or 2 page site. This is suitable if you do not want to modify your site yourself (or have a third party do it). Please call 01303 258237 to discuss this.

    Alternatively you could find your own hosting package.

If you have registered your domain in your own name it is simple to change hosting if necessary.


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