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We are very sorry to have to let you know that we have retired and are no longer making the gauges.

We had been in business for over forty years. For most of that time we were making scientific and medical instruments but in 1990 we were asked to make a gauge for Kent County Council. It went through a number of changes and improvements over the next year or so and after a while, with Kent’s permission, we started selling them country-wide.

We were only ever a very small company – a partnership of husband and wife with no employees. As one of us approaches his 80th year the time has come to call it a day. It has been a very difficult decision but hopefully the right one for us and our family.

Over the past few months we have been letting as many customers as possible know about this, but of course it has been impossible to let everyone know. We apologise if you think we have let you down.

We have tried to find another company willing to make the gauges but so far without success. Naturally we’re very disappointed about this.  We will keep this website open and if we do find someone to take them on we’ll put their details here – so watch this space!

Meanwhile we send our very best wishes to all our past customers and sincerely hope that another gauge will come on the market very soon indeed.

John and Felicity Trinder
August 2014



In 2006 John was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. It had spread to his bones and so it was too late to have the operation to have the prostate removed. He was put on “palliative care” which wasn’t a phrase we wanted to hear at the time because it sounded like end-of-life treatment. However, he is still “living with cancer” and is doing very well indeed on hormone treatment.  He continues to lead an incredibly active life and looks and feels very healthy. We are very much indebted to the NHS and particularly to the Kent & Canterbury Hospital who give excellent care.

John’s initial diagnosis was as a result of him asking his doctor for a PSA blood test. This came back as 50 (later to rise to 64) and so further tests were undertaken very quickly.  Four years previously he had a test which showed a level of 4, which he was told was perfectly acceptable.  If he’d followed this up with annual checks the gradual rise would have been noticed and his cancer may have been diagnosed while it was still contained within the prostate gland, meaning that it might have been possible – as is the case for many men – to remove the cancer completely.

For this reason we’re “on a mission” to alert men (and their partners) to the fact that even if a PSA test shows a low reading and you’re told that everything is as it should be, it’s essential to repeat the test annually so that any rise is noticed as soon as possible and further tests can be carried out.

All men in the high-risk groups or with symptoms should have a PSA test to find out whether further investigations are required to see if cancer is present. The earlier it is found the greater the chance of a cure.

Do visit the excellent Prostate Cancer UK site for all the information you could possibly need.



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