DIY Upholstery Materials



Black bottom lining

Black bottom lining

150cm wide
Cotton fabric to cover the base of chairs after re-upholstery.

3.90 for 1m



Hessian Scrim


72" wide 10oz
Good general purpose hessian suitable for arms backs and seats, can be blind stitched.

3.25 for 1m



72" wide 12oz
Heavyweight hessian for covering springs.

£5.50 for 1m
Barrier cloth

Barrier cloth

54" wide (calico type)
Fire retardant interliner for use when topcover is not fire retarded to meet 1988 Furniture and Furnishings (fire safety) regulations.

7.80 for 1m




70" wide
Suitable for covering stuffings before top cover.

£8.40 for 1m

Waxed cambric

60" wide
Feather proof tightly woven and waxed cloth for feather cushion inners.

6.30 for 1m

Platform lining

60" wide beige
For lining seats under cushions and for bottoming quality furniture.

5.40 for 1m


White cotton felt

White cotton felt (Non FR)

27" wide
Carded cotton waste in a thick padded layer (approx 1" thick) used for padding or to prevent hair from working through from second stuffing.

4.70 for 1m


Mixed hair

Mixed hair

Mixture of animal hairs - excellent filler for first and second stuffing, very soft and easy to stitch.

1kg 16.00
4kg 60.00
Ginger curly fibre

Ginger curly fibre

Also coir but tougher more resilient effect, suitable for first stuffing.

1kg 8.00
4kg 30.00
Rubberised Hair

Rubberised Hair

6ft x 3ft sheet
Offers the springiness of hair in a 1" thick sheet which is easy to cut and shape. Ideal for drop-in seats.

48.00 for 1 sheet


Polyester wadding

Polyester wadding

27" wide 2 oz
Useful under top cover or for wrapping foam.

1.20 for 1m



Curled poultry feathers

1kg bags
To top up existing feather cushions or make new ones.

9.50 for 1kg


Double cone (check the gauge you need below)
Springs 12 gauge

Springs 12 gauge

Very fine - use for arms only.

6" £1.20 ea
or 10 for 10.00

Springs 10 gauge

Chair backs, small chair seats.

4" £1.30 ea
or 10 for 12
5" 1.50 ea
or 10 for 14
6" 1.70 ea
or 10 for £16
7" £1.90 ea
or 10 for £18
8" £2.20 ea
or 10 for £20

Springs 9 gauge

Chair and sofa seats.

7" 2.40 ea
or 10 for 23
Zig zag springs

Zig zag springs

10 guage Used in modern upholstery - need spring clips to secure. Suitable for seats.

Can to cut to size.
2.00 ea
£18.00 for 10

Spring clips

To secure zig zag springs.

12p ea
or 20 for 2.15


UPHOLSTERY TACKS 10mm fine 100gms
For close weave (calico and top cover).
10mm improved 100gms
A larger head and thicker shank for securing loose woven fabric and hessian.
13mm fine or improved 100gms
Longer tack secured through thicker or folded cloth.

15mm improved 100gms
For fastening down webbing and securing laid cord on springs.
Gimp pins

Gimp pins

50gm packs red, black, green, fawn. Fine coloured tacks for use where may show or to hold trimmings in place.

red £1.50
black £1.50
green £1.50
fawn £1.50
Back tack strip

Back tack strip

Cardboard strip used to form a straight edge when tacking on top cover.

25p for 1m
Nail strip

Nail strip

1m lengths An easy way to create a nailed edge finish.

1.80 for 1m
Upholstery Nails

Upholstery Nails

20 of these needed per strip to make decorative finish.

50p for 20
4.50 for 250


Jute webbing

Jute webbing

2" wide 10lb
Suitable for most webbing work.

35p for 1m
Black & white web

Black & white web

A quality webbing, jute and cotton, strong weave, does not stretch.

80p for 1m
Elastic webbing

Elastic webbing

For seats. Can be tacked or stapled

£1.20 for1m



Light weight, beige. Buy by the metre to fasten cushions, insert slider then sew over ends to seal.

70p for1m

Piping cord

Piping cord

Standard upholsterers cord medium (eight cord).

50p for1m

Upholstery twine

Upholstery twine

nos 3&4. 20m packs.
3 for stitching edges.
4 very thin for fine edges and hand sewing.

4.00 for 20m
4.00 for 20m
Laid cord

Laid cord

For lashing springs.

6.00 for 20m

Button twine (nylon)

Button twine (nylon)

Very strong for securing buttons - slides easily through fabric and stuffings for easy tightening.

£4.00 for 20m


  Size 26 16mm diameter with wire loop. We will cover the buttons in your fabric - post a strip of fabric at least 3cm wide and 3cm in length for each button you require.
Please enclose a cheque, made payable to S MNISZKO, for the appropriate amount including £2.00 for postage.
Victoria Upholstery,
22 Dynevor Road
Tunbridge Wells

£1.00 ea
+£2 p&p

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