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Please click on the alphabetical lists below to find your breed of dog which will take you to a specific page for your breed of dog showing all the products we sell for that particular breed of dog.

If you can not find what your require please email us and we will try and find the product for you.

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  Patterdale Terrier  mugs  
  Patterned  collars and leads  
  Papillon  collars, leads and lanyards  
  Petit Basset Giffon Vendeen   collars, leads, lanyards and cards  
  Pointer  collars, leads and lanyards  
  Poodle (Miniature)  collars, leads, lanyards and cards  
  Poodle (Standard)  collars, leads, lanyards, figurines and cards  
  Poodle (Toy)  collars, leads, lanyards and cards  
  Portuguese Water Dog  collars leads and lanyards  
  Pug  collars, leads, lanyards, mugs, figurines and cards  
  Rescue Dog  collars and  leads  
  Rhodesian Ridgeback  collars, leads, lanyards, figurine and cards  
  Rottweiler  collars, leads, lanyards, figurines and cards  
  Rough Collie  greetings cards  
  St Bernard  collars, greetings cards and air fresheners  
  Schnauzer (Standard)  collars, leads, lanyards, figurines and cards  
  Scottish Terrier  collars, leads, lanyards, figurines and cards  
  Sealyham Terrier  collars and leads  
  Shar Pei  air fresheners  
  Shetland Sheepdog - Sheltie  collars leads and lanyards  
  Shih Tzu  collars, leads, figurines, lanyards, cards, photo frames  
  Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier lanyards  
  Springer Spaniel (English)  collars, leads, lanyards, figurines, cards, mugs  
  Staffordshire Bull Terrier  collars, leads, figurines, cards  
  Standard Poodle  collars, leads, lanyards, figurines, and cards  
  Toy Poodle  collars, leads, lanyards and cards  
  Weinaraner  cards and air fresheners  
  Welsh Corgi  collars, leads, lanyards, greetings cards  
  Welsh Terrier  collars, leads and lanyards  
  West Highland White Terrier collars, leads, lanyards, figurine, card, mug  
  Whippet collars, leads and cards  
  Wire Haired Vizsla  greetings cards  
  Wired Haired Fox Terrier  figurine  
  Yellow Labrador  collars, leads, figurines, cards and mugs  
  Yorkshire Terrier  collars, leads, lanyards, figurines and cards  
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