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Freya Beauty Clinic
The Godess Freya
Freya Beauty Clinic is named after one of the preeminent goddesses in Norse mythology, who symbolises love, beauty and well-being; therefore Freya Beauty's mission is to create natural beauty and well-being, to fight against aging and imperfection.
Freya Beauty Clinic has been running since 2012 by Irina Ahnland, who is a qualified nutritionist and beauty therapy practitioner, certified LPG Endermology therapist and an author of “Happy Weight Loss” book.
Irina Ahnland
Freya Beauty Clinic

Freya Beauty Clinic

Freya Beauty Clinic is open 7 days a week and the practice operates on an appointment basis on 0791 785 4049


Freya Beauty Clinic
Coleford House,

Tel:  0791 7854049
Open Hours:            
Monday              Tuesday          Wednesday      Thursday         Friday              Saturday           Sunday            
10:00 - 20:00       10:00 - 20:00       10:00 - 20:00       10:00 - 20:00       10:00 - 20:00       10:00 - 21:00      10:00 - 20:00     

Freya Beauty Clinic
Look and Feel Gorgeous Every Day!
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