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Hi my name is Lyn, I am a true cat lover and I have three cats of my own which I adore.

I provide a professional tailor-made cat sitting service for your cat in the comfort of their own home. I cover Bovingdon, Chipperfield, Sarratt and the surrounding areas.

I am reliable and caring. Your cat will receive my full attention which it truly deserves while you are way. Using my cat care service ensures a stress free and contented cat at all times.

Cats are very territorial to their home ground. Cats do not do well when removed from their home environment. Being able to stay at home would give them security and the ability to do what they love best. As long as they have food, fresh water and a clean litter tray they will remain happy and content.

I offer a free consultation at your home to meet your cat(s), I will take down all details, and agree a care programme.


Catsitting in Bovingdon




My bespoke services will provide.

Scheduled visits for cats.

Feeding, fresh water, cleaning litter trays and refilling them when needed. All food and fresh water bowls cleaned on each visit. Litter tray will be changed and cleaned on each visit. Medication given if required. Your home will be kept clean and tidy.

Daily grooming, play and cuddly time.

Visits to include home security checks – Lights turned on or off, curtains opened or closed, watering of flowers/plants, Bins put out etc.

Pet care log provided, regular text and photos.

Pet Taxi transport and emergency transport.

Fully Insured
DBS Checked



Prices : £10 for a 30 mins visit

Bank Holidays: £12.00 per visit


Bovingdon cat sitter




Lyn is an excellent cat sitter, reliable and caring, I would not use anyone else.

Lyn, is such a caring cat sitter, my cat was so relaxed when I came back from my holiday, I highly recommend her.

My cats love being looked after by Lyn, she gives them the care and attention they love, I am always happy leaving them with Lyn.





Contact: 01442-832884

Mobile : 07852 914882

Email  : catsitterbovingdon@outlook.com


Sarratt catsitting service


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